charts & tracks Day 12  July 10th    Croker Island to South Benjamin Island

Overview of Day's Run
A look at two mile run from our anchorage at Croker Island to the Benjamin's. Once we cleared the harbor at Croker it was pretty much a straight shot across.
Close Up of South Benjamin Island
Once we entered the waters between North and South Benjamin, Gina directed us into the first cove on the South Benjamin. This turned out to be an ideal spot, with high cliffs on the east and south side, and a fantastic view to the north.
Dinghy Tour
Our first Dinghy Tour took us throughout the area between South and North Benjamin Islands.
Tour Legend:
Left the boat  2 beached at cove and walked up the all smooth rock hill  3 stopped by a small inlet in the rocks  4 went through the cut between N. and S. Benjamin  5 out into the North Channel  6 beached at the 'pink' beach  7 stopped at the tip of S. Benjamin before returning to the boat.

Day 12 July 10th  2006 On to Day 13

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